What's the Value of Work Experience?

$180 billion dollars! That’s the estimated salary value of work experience earned in 2017 by the entire Massachusetts work force of more than 3.6 million individuals.

The salary value of education, in sharp contrast, was much lower. Education created an estimated $22 billion.

Work experience created more income than dividends, interest and rental income did ($93 billion), more than social security and public assistance transfers did ($65 billion), and of course, more than what the state’s workers would earn if employers paid them as if they had just started at the entry level ($104 billion).

These are the fascinating, first-time-ever measures developed by New Jobs for Massachusetts, my pro-job growth non-profit, in its newly released analysis measuring the comparative value of work experience.

pharmacist with shelf stock

Most Massachusetts jobs, like pharmacist, require

a blend of education and work experience.