We've Located the Gig Economy!

Working for Change. For five years New Jobs has lobbied for removing the biggest legal barrier to self-employment in Massachusetts, found in Chapter 149, section 148B. The law says, anyone must be an employee to work in a service occupation, aa concept that is nuts in the service economy of 2018. This state law needs to be changed.

We support changing the law:

-- We’ve shown that more than a million Massachusetts friends and neighbors work full time or part time as freelancers.

-- We showed that the gig economy will soon include 40 percent of the Massachusetts work force.

-- We profiled the self-employed and found them to be, for example:

... suddenly single mothers living far from employers,

... middle-aged professionals hoping to form their own firms,

... moms with school-aged children wanted to taper back to work, and

... recent technical undergraduates with advanced skills but no interested employers in Massachusetts.

-- And we showed why self-employment is growing—freelancers have more-flexible schedules and the opportunity to earn more income.