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In November, 2019, New Jobs completed a comprehensive regression-model analysis of Massachusetts job-offer data. The analysis showed work experience produces progressively more salary value than would more education. Read the results, drawn the the information technology sector, and immediately relevant to medicine, finance and investing, business, and many similar fields.

In November, 2019, New Jobs completed a comprehensive regression-model analysis that showed work experience produces progressively more salary value than does an undergraduate degree. Read the results in the report above, and the methodology and more-detailed results in this document.

In early November, 2018, New Jobs published its newest research report, Which is More Valuable—Education or Work Experience?  It is now possible to compare the power of education and the power of work experience to increase the salaries and wages of Massachusetts' work force. 


Read our surprising findings—and plan your career accordingly!

Late in June, 2018, the Massachusetts legislature passed and the governor signed a 38-page tax bill, H.4640, that will do widespread damage to the state economy. Under threat of ballot questions to raise the minimum wage to $15 and create a new state-mandated paid-leave benefit, the legislature capitulated and passed a bill very similar to the ballot questions.  Here is the text of the bill.

In May, 2018, New Jobs offered a reprint of an article on the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court's request for change in the state's independent contractor law. Here are the geographic locations of 415 interested Facebook users. The towns are sorted in declining order of click rates, highest first.

Welcoming Teens into the Massachusetts Workforce

With as many as 37,900 teen summer jobs at stake, on Monday, April 6, 2015, New Jobs released its report calling for elimination of the two worst barriers to teenage employment.  The report shows, first, how a high and rising minimum wage badly overprices teens starting work. Then it shows how a 35-year-old Sunday Blue Law closes off teen's best source for jobs.

Summary of 50 State Laws on Teen Training Wages

New Jobs researched the laws of all 50 states to see which states allowed for a lower wage while a teen was being trained. Here is our summary in draft, dated April 6, 2015.



Re-Opening the Main Road to Self-Employment in Massachusetts

On Tuesday, June 11, 2013, New Jobs released its new report, “Re-Opening the Main Road to Self-Employment in Massachusetts.” The report analyzes the wide-spread job-destructive impact of the Massachusetts Independent Contractor Law (MICL).  The law suppresses creation of more than 43,300 new self-employment jobs each year in 400 service occupations. 

Massachusetts Inventory Tax Hurts Middle-Class Jobs

On Wednesday, August 15, 2012, New Jobs released its study showing that eliminating the inventory tax could allow creation of 56,400 new middle-class jobs. The report details for the first time how the inventory tax works.

Opinion: Patrick's tax hikes could cost 91,000 jobs per year

On Friday, February 15, 2013, the Taunton Daily Gazette featured an Op-Ed article by New Jobs’ President Mike Hruby on the job cost of Governor Patrick’s $1.9 billion tax increase proposal.  The article calculates how much working capital is required to create one new job in Massachusetts. 

Biotech Blocked

Andrea is a biotech data analyst and single mother of two who wants to work at home for biotech companies...


...but one Massachusetts law excludes her from working under contract for any biotech company, anywhere in the country.

Oncology Obstructed

Kerri is an oncology nurse practitioner who devised a new service for cancer patients. Sadly, the Massachusetts independent contractor law explicitly prohibits this new care, and other service innovations.

Nanotech Nullified

Jake is an BU honors grad in nanotechnology who wants to design medical devices even though Boston med device companies are cutting back...


...but one Massachusetts law excludes him from doing design projects for medical device companies in other states.

Wireless Wasted

Heinz is an electrical engineer and named inventor on six US patents. He wanted to use his consulting firm to start a manufacturing company. But Massachusetts’ independent contractor law frightened clients away. 

The Need for a Million Jobs

In the spring of 2014, New Jobs estimated how many new jobs our state needs. The results show a huge labor surplus, which our advanced economy could easily grow and employ, if the barriers were removed.

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