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the freedom to be your own boss.

Help make flexible work styles, freelancing, 1099 work, and self-employment possible!

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Why This Issue Is Important


We need YOUR help to convince Governor Charlie Baker, one of the most popular governors in the country, that he should lead the effort to allow voluntary self-employment for anyone that chooses it.

The Backstory: The coronavirus pandemic has shown that Massachusetts needs a skilled, flexible workforce able to respond fast to changes affecting the public. 


Clients and service buyers contracting for self-directed work in any field is illegal in Mass, unless the worker is a “W-2” full employee.  For 16 years this law has hurt workers and the public.


Who Is Hurt?

-- Hospitals can't arrange specialized medical and support personnel in emergencies.

-- Moms haven't enough part-time work nearby to transition back to work and resume their careers.

-- Retired persons have too few places to work in retirement.  

-- Disabled persons must be free to accommodate their own needs and do valuable work for clients. 

-- Neighborhood businesses can't hire neighbors on part-time projects to help them grow.

-- Residents of rural areas can't serve customers and clients across the state and nationwide.


Petition the Governor to remove this outdated barrier and adapt to the modern workplace.

New Jobs for Massachusetts has worked for seven years to persuade Mass government to adapt to the modern work styles that allow 48 other states' businesses, families, and individuals to thrive.


Your voice matters most of all.