Removing the barriers to job growth.

Work is Changing Rapidly...

The Future of Work. To learn how work is changing, watch these short interviews with Katy Tynan, a thoughtful Massachusetts expert who describes clearly what work will be like in the future--and how each of us can fit in.



...But Our Laws Aren't Keeping Up

We publicize these little-known legal barriers.  Here's an example:


Biotech Blocked. Andrea is a biotech data analyst and single mother of two who wants to work on analytic projects at home. But one sentence in MA state law prevents her from working on projects for any biotech company in the country. 

We Advocate for Change in State Law...

Telegram Prints Our Jobs Plan.  New Jobs proposes and supports easy-to-understand changes in state law that will permit rapid job growth across all occupations and ages, from youth employment to part-time work in retirement. Allow Rapid Job Growth, Statewide

Baker Pledges to Eliminate Inventory Tax. New Jobs informs, persuades and collaborates with the legislature, the media, interest groups, state and business leaders, and the public. We make our research public, and sometimes candidates use it.  We are supported entirely by voluntary contributions from individuals and corporations. 

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