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Our Name Is Our Mission. New Jobs for Massachusetts, Inc., is working to create a million-job explosion of new jobs in this state. All cities, all towns, all occupations. Massachusetts has all the ingredients for this explosion. Public policy just needs to flex to allow new jobs to explode.

We--the 6.5 million individuals of Massachusetts--have the talent, the personal energy, the skill and experience, the educational preparation, and the status and connections.  We have the will to create a million new jobs. 

What’s in the Way? Ask an entrepreneur, corporate exec, start-up head, or self-employed person why aren’t they hiring, and they’ll say one thing: 

                     Massachusetts state laws impede hiring.  

State law imposes regulations, costs, above-average taxes, complex legal traps, and overlapping rules that directly hinder job growth.  Each of these state-created brake shoes generates friction that resists normal job growth.
Massachusetts Now has a Huge Labor Surplus: a million working-age individuals.  Here are the calculations: The Need for a Million Jobs.pdf and NU_Paper_on_Underutilization_Problems.pdf. But our economy can create a million new jobs, if we let it.Home_files/The%20Need%20for%20a%20Million%20Jobs.pdfHome_files/NU_Paper_on_Underutilization_Problems.pdfshapeimage_3_link_0shapeimage_3_link_1
We Can Prove It. For example, here’s a profile of an electrical engineer named Heinz.  Until three years ago, Heinz was a full-time wireless technology consultant with his own nationwide client base. He wanted to use the consulting revenue to fund a manufacturing start up. But one state law gets in his way, so he cannot. Here’s his story: MICL_PROFILE_HEINZ-4.pdfHome_files/MICL_PROFILE_HEINZ-4.pdfshapeimage_4_link_0
New Jobs for Massachusetts, Inc., works to catalyze a million-job explosion. The first step is to relax and remove our state’s legal barriers to normal job growth.  New Jobs finds the specific legal obstacles to job growth (we’ve counted 56 so far), and we work across the political spectrum to remove them.  Please see our News page for the latest update on our progress.

We are a non-partisan, non-profit corporation funded by voluntary contributions, personal and corporate. We welcome your support.

Click the cloud graphic above to join the Million-Job Explosion! With your help and your support, there will be plentiful job growth in the Bay State for years to come.

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