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We advocate for rapid job growth. New Jobs for Massachusetts works to remove the barriers in state law that suppress job creation and innovation.  We aim to benefit all ages, in all occupations, in all cities and towns. Read about what we do and how we do it: NJFM INTRO CARD-1.pdf

Your friends, your neighbors, and maybe even you are ready, willing and able to create the million new jobs we all need, if public policy simply relaxes.

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We work to help people like these to grow a million new jobs across the state:

Andrea is a biotech data analyst and single mother of two who wants to work at home for biotech companies...

...but one Massachusetts law excludes her from working under contract for any biotech company, anywhere in the country. Click to read more: ANDREA POSTER-3.pdf.

Jake is an BU honors grad in nanotechnology who wants to design medical devices even though Boston med device companies are cutting back...

...but one Massachusetts law excludes him from doing design projects for med device companies in other states. Click to read more: JAKE POSTER-3.pdf.