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We advocate for rapid job growth. New Jobs for Massachusetts, Inc., works to remove the barriers in state law that suppress job creation and innovation.  We aim to benefit all ages, in all occupations, in all cities and towns.

We support job growth in all forms. New Jobs supports the growth of regular employment, self-employment, independent contracting, start-ups, spinouts, youth employment, part-time work, parents returning to work, work during retirement, and family businesses.

We collaborate broadly. We work with the legislature, the media, interest groups, business leaders, and the public.  We are supported entirely by voluntary contributions from individuals and corporations.

Massachusetts has a huge labor surplus. A million working-age individuals want work or more work.  Here are the calculations: The Need for a Million Jobs.pdf and NU_Paper_on_Underutilization_Problems.pdf. Our economy can create the million new jobs they need, if public policy simply relaxes.

We develop new facts. As one example, here’s a profile of an oncology nurse practitioner named “Kerri.”  She devised an innovative service for new cancer patients. She could offer this service tomorrow, but one clause in state law gets in her way. Here’s her story: MICL_PROFILE_KERRI-1.pdf

We envision innovation-driven job growth. Job growth springs from much more than just technical innovation. The first step is relaxing our state’s legal barriers to normal job growth. Please see our News page for the latest news and facts.

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